Eye in the Sky

Leveraging the power of aerial photography and remote sensing
to unravel key geospatial patterns and create a living planetary nervous system


Explore strategic environments - from every unique perspective

Get geospatial data, surveying and mapping solutions across your terrestrial, utility, and pan-industrial needs. Collaborate with leading experts through world-class processes to acquire, assess and analyze core survey data, and enable mapping and modeling solutions that improve the efficiency of your workflow and allow data-driven decision making.


Connect the dots in your data - through analysis & location based intelligence

Use state-of-the-art GIS and machine learning solutions to analyze and understand complex spatial data streams and use heat maps to identify location specific trends. Immerse, engage and educate stakeholders and teams through highly realistic 3D visualizations and interactive infographics. Access remote sensing to get key insights into critical environments over time.

point cloud

Conjure data rich point clouds - for simplified construction and coordination

Generate data embedded 3D point cloud models at LOD 500 or LOD 5, create highly intricate and detailed as-built documentation and drawings, and develop orthomosaics and as-built elevation plans for all your construction needs through integrated point cloud modeling. Leverage cutting-edge technology to minimize risk and stay in complete control, every single time.


Machine learning magic - to transform your business

Enterprise machine learning solutions that reduce overheads, automate processes, and unlock the power of data to transform your products. Machine learning and deep learning can help you leverage the power of complex computing to conceptualize and run predictive and self-learning models that study data for multiple applications. Effective machine/deep learning can make your products or devices smarter, increase their processing, analytical and predictive power, and infuse efficiency into all operations.


Visualize infinite possibilities - through VR and AR business solutions

Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality are game-changing developments in the product, industrial and marketing space due to their highly engaging and immersive nature, strikingly visual nature and the level of possible customization. With a high sensory impact, effectively rendered VR can create emotionally and visually captivating experiences, and open up multiple storytelling possibilities in an environment free of distractions and exterior noise.


These industries
utilize our solutions


Our solutions
help you build better and smarter infratructure

Roads & Highways:
Use UAV enabled tech and remote sensing solutions and geospatial inputs to plan, monitor and maintain roadways for improved connectivity, with real time information.

Commercial & Freight Railways:
Study old and new railway lines, along with assets like bridges, buildings and embankments, for centralized railway monitoring, planning and systematic and data-driven upgrades.

Rural & Urban Planning:
Monitor land acquisition and land use, map and track infrastructure planning across rural and urban pockets, and plan smart and sustainable spaces with ingenious design.

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Our solutions
help you plan your utility design for better performence

Powerline & Telecommunication:
Eliminate connectivity issues and power shutdowns with efficient construction, inspection and planning of cell towers and power lines, with accurate geospatial and elevation data.

Oil, Gas & Water Pipelines:
Monitor damages, obstructions, alignment changes, leaks, and vegetation encroachment into pipelines and plan better infrastructure with geo-data for reduced ecological impact.

Architecture, Engineering & Construction:
Use point cloud models, immersive 3D visualizations, highly detailed site plans, and BIM data to simplify construction, improve coordination, infuse geo-intelligence and build better structures.

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Our solutions
help you operate and oversee your mining operation

Simplified Site Surveying:
Look beyond highly expensive and complicated industrial equipment and use drones for surveying your mines for greater efficiency.

Efficient Stockpile Inventory Mapping:
Customize your stockpile mapping workflow through construction mapping or drone photogrammetry software, based on your approach to stockpile measurement.

Accurate Environmental Analysis:
Add a strategic and geographic advantage to your processes through targeted mineral potential exploration.

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Our solutions
help you overlook and manage your agricultural land and farms

Soil Assessment Made Simple:
Track temperature, elevation, slope, and moisture data in real-time across your terrain and facilitate smart seeding and crop choices through accurate soil sampling and assessment.

Effective Yield Estimation:
Use drone data across seasons to improve agricultural models, and facilitate realistic predictions and harvest planning.

Accurate Fertility Assessment:
Utilize multiple parameters like crop variety, crop patterns, soil type, seasonal data, land evaluation data and suitability studies to further understand soil fertility, nutrient demands, pesticide use and the efficient use of regional fertilizers.

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