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Grow exponential yields with an eye on ground realities

Adopt highly sustainable practices and
introduce smart technologies to revolutionize
agroforestry, through drone-enabled data solutions.

Types Of Agriculture Solutions

Precision Agriculture

Understand crop health, soil types, elevation and other variable data for efficient produce.

Risk Assessment

Predict fluctuations in demand, environmental issues, and other critical crop-related problems.

Operations & Logistics

Monitor, manage and make the most of your field assets through effective logistics.

How We Work

Experience end to end solutions that cover your agricultural needs. Here’s how it works.


Agricultural Scouting
& MappingStart

Use UAV enabled technology to visually scout and map your entire agricultural area and create orthomosaics, index maps (NDVI & NDRE), and create focus areas for analysis.


Image Acquisition
& Analysis

Gather intricate data to understand specific information, like yield estimation through the comparison of bare-earth and existing yield maps. Use spatial data for unique map creation.


Irrigation & Erosion

Understand erosion patterns and identify erosion prone areas for effective planning. Study digital surface models to understand the irrigation flow and variability over time.


Simpler Sharing
& IntegrationEnd

Create and share maps with multiple stakeholders for simpler data management, and integrate insights from other management software for centralized analysis.

Techniques We Use

Soil Assessment Made Simple

Track temperature, elevation, slope, and moisture data in real-time across your terrain and facilitate smart seeding and crop choices through accurate soil sampling and assessment.

Effective Yield Estimation

Use drone data across seasons to improve agricultural models, and facilitate realistic predictions and harvest planning. Agronomists and engineers can use drone data and statistical analysis for reliable and long-term crop estimates.

Accurate Fertility Assessment

Utilize multiple parameters like crop variety, crop patterns, soil type, seasonal data, land evaluation data and suitability studies to further understand soil fertility, nutrient demands, pesticide use and the efficient use of regional fertilizers.

Improved Irrigation Models

Create highly sustainable irrigation and drainage models by studying the natural elevation of the project area. Explore and track existing irrigation channels through thermal/RGB equipped drones that accurately map water usage and flow.

Round The Clock Monitoring

Equip agricultural drones with additional technology for year-round crop monitoring and field scouting. Foresee critical issues ahead of time to reduce losses, and use historical drone data to better plan the agricultural model.

Insurance & Farm Assessment

Facilitate quick field surveys and status reports by integrating satellite data and vegetation indices and models. Field agents can be positioned in survey locations tagged by cadastral data for real-time review, enabling smarter crop insurance decisions.

Data-Driven Demand Estimation

Leverage remote sensing and spatial analysis, and merge crop data with environmental data for effective land cover analysis and change detection analysis. Use this data and catchment and accessibility information to understand demand estimation and map patterns.

Why Work With Us

Simplified & Instant Mapping

Make your agricultural mapping workflow simpler through end-to-end technological innovation and integration, and create maps through specific data use cases.

Robust Spatial Data Analysis

Capture high quality imagery and spatial data from UAV enabled technology, and use advanced processing methods to create actionable maps with a high degree of precision.

End to End Efficiency

Experience operational efficiency like never before from mapping to crop monitoring, vegetation planning, seeding and yield estimation through a data driven workflow.

Add Intelligence to Agriculture

Create comprehensive maps and understand your seasonal yields through streamlined data. Simplify everything from insurance claims to damage assessment during floods.

Explore Sustainable Solutions

Ensure complete sustainability by understanding and correcting soil health, assessing irrigation patterns and flows, choosing the right crops and reducing erosion and damage.

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