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Intelligently built infrastructure backed by the best technology

Bridge gaps between your AEC teams and
leverage the best that technology has to offer
to survey, study and build civic infrastructure that
stands the test of time.

Types Of Infrastructure

Road & Rail Infrastructure Development

Build civic infrastructure that solves problems, and design complex roadways and railways.

Intelligent Urban Planning

Understand complex demographic data to plan and create sustainable urban environments.

Building Information Management

Analyze every aspect of construction planning to avoid clashes and simplify construction.

How We Work

Experience end to end solutions that cover your planning and construction needs. Here’s how it works.



Capture as-built data or real-time data from existing conditions through aerial, underground surveying and 3D laser scanning, to assess the complete project area for roadblocks.



Convert data from aerial mapping, point cloud/GIS, surveys and 2D plans into intelligent BIM models for design review, clash detection, downtime prevention and resource optimization.



Collect vital data points during the construction phase. Run topographic surveys, measure stockpiles, drive cut and fill calculations, estimate costs accurately and simplify coordination.


& Monitoring

Measure and map the elevation and area of your project site, calculate stockpile and resource volumes, compare plans in real time, and generate cross sections.



Use a combination of data analysis and drone enabled data capture for easy documentation. Document the design, planning, construction and inspection centrally on the cloud.

Techniques We Use

Engineering & Construction

Streamline your construction processes and delivery through improved AEC workflows that serve your bottomline, and use intelligent geographic data to make critical planning decisions. Drive consistency and coordination between teams of surveyors, architects, engineers and project managers for simpler execution, reduced overheads and optimal resource utilization.

From understanding your asset requirements to surveying land pockets and estimating roadblocks ahead of time, our end to end services are designed to make your AEC operations smarter in every possible way.

Accurate Site Analysis

Survey the project site accurately with drone driven data, and run dynamic analysis and simulations to understand deeper insights like material requirements, water level and inflow, site inclines and slopes, possible encroachments and lane width.

Contextual Data Aggregation

Use real-world construction and geospatial data to help land developers and civil engineers understand the natural geography and site conditions better and accurately calculate the resilience of the structure.

Spatial & Predictive Analysis

Streamline disparate and dynamic data from multiple sources in 2D and 3D to understand patterns and trends. Visualize your spatial data distribution, use heat maps to validate assumptions, and apply ML and data mining models for predictive analytics.

Efficient Route Planning

Explore inaccessible terrain and geographic stretches through drones to gather critical data, explore the path of least resistance for civic projects, plan routes for construction and fleet management and simplify your logistics with on-demand data.

Modernized Topographic Mapping

Use LiDAR enabled solutions for simpler topographic mapping aimed at expanding existing roadway and railway networks in FSR/FLS/DPR projects. Effectively use geometric data from on-site instruments, precision cameras, first order plotting tools and drone photography.

Direct Visual Streaming

Stream all your construction and design plans straight to any supported device for onsite visualizations that simplify coordination and construction. Use BIM metadata in assembly sequencing visualizations for greater efficiency.

Data Rich Visualizations

Accelerate your design and planning stage through efficient data integration and visualization, helping multiple stakeholders understand the plan ahead of time and identify potential issues that could slow down the project.

Model Based Cost Estimation

Drive effective cost estimation that keeps your budget in check by quantifying costs based on site data. Identify robust construction assemblies and understand risks ahead of time to prevent financial overruns, implementing model based cost estimation.

Improved Internal Training

Create highly immersive visualizations and 3D models that can be used to train the construction crew and other engineers involved. Improve knowledge transfer, save overhead costs through simple mockups, and reduce construction risks significantly.

Why Work With Us

Simplified Project Workflow

Connect all your project needs, right from the site plan and point cloud mapping to detailed BIM models and spatial analysis, in one centralized and streamlined workflow.

Improved Internal Coordination

Create stronger, data-driven communication channels between multiple stakeholders and teams to ensure seamless execution and faster delivery.

Contextual Problem Solving

Understand patterns and solve problems using data rich models that integrate geographic and real-world context to your project workflow, for added intelligence.

Sustainability in Construction

Explore highly sustainable construction models by templatizing your approach and optimizing resource utilization, for plug and play solutions that work.

Intelligent Digital Initiatives

Leverage technology for better decision making through accurate and detailed surveying and mapping, complex spatial analysis and highly visual MEP simulations.

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