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infrastructure management.

How We Work

Experience end to end solutions that cover your mapping needs. Here’s how it works.



Capture site details, design pit walls, convert archived mining plans to digital models, and verify plans through audits to ensure maximum compliance.



Assess and store complex land survey data across the project site, study the environment and vegetation, and plan your project’s quality, accuracy, time and cost standards.


& Reporting

Monitor and keep a close eye on your assets and stockpiles through a steady schedule, generate accurate 3D stockpile models and generate real time forecasts and updates.


Impact Analysis
& Reclamation

Capture 2D and 3D data to run assessment studies on the environmental impact, and generate solutions for reconstruction and remediation of the planned site.


Spatial Data Analysis
& MappingEnd

Create highly interactive and shareable maps with layers of geographic, environmental, soil and water related, and asset data to keep multiple stakeholders updated.

Techniques We Use

Simplified Site Surveying

Look beyond highly expensive and complicated industrial equipment and use drones for surveying your mines for greater efficiency. Reduce operational risk to personnel and equipment through aerial surveying and 3D mapping.

Drone surveying brings along added advantages, including highly detailed volumetric data, a simplified workflow that spans even inaccessible terrain, and predefined automatic flight planning that cuts unnecessary hours out of the project planning process.

Choose between fixed wing UAVs and multi-rotor UAVs depending on your needs, and export drone data in formats of your choice to integrate information into your workflow.

Efficient Stockpile Inventory Mapping

Customize your stockpile mapping workflow through construction mapping or drone photogrammetry software, based on your approach to stockpile measurement.

Improve your measurement accuracy through high resolution imagery that captures the dimensions of different types of stockpiles - including standard stockpiles, ramp stockpiles and bin stockpiles, through a highly customized approach.

Run insightful volumetric analysis on your stockpiles and create accurate 3D models through your base data to monitor, audit and study their lifecycle.

Accurate Environmental Analysis

Add a strategic and geographic advantage to your processes through targeted mineral potential exploration. Use spatial analysis across your minefields to explore diverse datasets that cover all your existing deposits of natural resources.

Use qualitative and quantitative methodologies to evaluate spatial relationships between these datasets, and visualize deposit data through carefully structured maps for simpler and faster decision making.

Plan your mining operations in mineral-rich sites by integrating ramps, pre passes, draw points and disposal points to understand the operational feasibility ahead of time, and share data between multiple teams for streamlined and data driven planning.

Improved Sustainability & Impact Assessment

Use GIS enabled solutions to assess the environmental impacts of your mining operations, and drive reclamation efforts based on the data collected.

Use drone driven data mapping to understand and analyze soil health, vegetation, groundwater levels and quality, and the surface hydrology of the site being explored. Visualize your data through 2D maps and 3D surface models, and run deeper analyses to craft custom reclamation solutions.

Assess worst case scenarios like landslide risks through a digital surface model output that helps make elevation and slope related predictions, and improve safety across your operations.

Controlled Blasting & Site Analysis

Reduce the risk of human involvement during blasting operations and use UAVs to capture high resolution imagery and data from low altitudes around the blast site.

Minimize personnel risk through automation and use predefined control points for precise volumetric analysis and measurement. Visualize the captured drone data through highly accurate 3D models, and integrate data derived from borehole tracking systems to understand structural weaknesses and predict unforeseen damages better.

Generate point cloud models, orthomosaics and 3D models of the site before and after blasting is scheduled to better understand the success of your operation, and unlock deeper spatial insights through carefully gathered data for future planning.

Interactive Mapping Of Mining Activities

Use cloud based mapping solutions to create commons maps for multiple stakeholders, and present layers of data over high resolution imagery for resource information, environmental information, boundary planning and cadastral data.

Engage your project owners and key personnel by adding interaction as a primary feature, and enable easier data management, regular updation, and filters that help segregate data segments for viewers to get the information that they desire.

Control access levels through a cloud environment and update map data in real time through streamlined data sources, making decision making simpler, faster and incredibly efficient.

How It Helps

Intelligently Reduced Risks & Hazards

Leverage data to predict risks ahead of time, and closely track geotechnical hazards like the stability of the structure, water inflows and rockbursts to determine adequate safety measures.

Seamless Supply Chain Management

Manage your goods, materials and resources efficiently by accurately determining your stockpile necessities over time. Streamline your supply chain for added efficiency.

Accurate Asset Lifecycle Management

Monitor the complete lifecycle of all your field assets through drone surveying and other value added solutions to identify mismatches and issues ahead of time.

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