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Capture, Digitize & Control Data Through Effective Utility Mapping

Study, map and build robust utility
infrastructure that stands the test of time. Add
intelligence to every layer of your network through
data capture, analysis and effective utility mapping.

Types Of Utilities


Oil & Gas Pipelines

Electricity & Solar

Water, Wastewater

How We Work

Experience end to end solutions that cover your utility mapping and planning needs. Here’s how it works.


GIS Data

Analyze, visualize and migrate data through facility data mapping, and combine data from multiple layers and sources to reconcile conflicts and minimize redundancy.



Inspect and map utility locations and structures above and under the ground, facilitate corridor mapping and validate existing data through drone enabled surveying solutions.



Build processes for effective as-built data capture, and generate asset inventory surveys for verification and assessment. Convert and migrate data from legacy records across formats.


Spatial Data Analysis
& MappingEnd

Study utility layouts and routes for right of way mapping, network mapping and topology. Drive consumer indexing, study the distribution network design and run spatial analysis.

Techniques We Use

GPR Driven Utility Mapping

Use cutting-edge dual frequency Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR) technology and electromagnetic equipment to locate and analyze complex underground utilities networks and other buried service lines.

Run drone enabled land and topographic surveys that capture detailed data from well defined project spaces, and create CAD drawings, point cloud models, 3D polylines and 3D models that capture their real time position and condition, for simpler surveying and planning.

Compare asset owner plans with real time data to double check and validate them, and identify previously unmapped utilities through advanced detection techniques.

Perfectly Planned Pipeline Surveying

Design pipeline networks with an environmental perspective for greater efficiency using remote sensing and drone enabled data acquisition, as part of our fleet of pipeline planning, surveying and reporting services.

Leverage new age surveying techniques to understand the position and alignment of existing pipelines through aerial surveys, and run cadastral and right of way (ROW) assessments to plan new pipelines better using ground data, all the way from excavation to construction and burial.

Generate detailed as-built and GIS reports on pipeline quality and manage feasibility studies and route selection plans for planned projects through effective GIS documentation. Reclaim and rehabilitate older pipelines with efficiency and precision.

Time Tested Tunnelling Systems

Intelligently guide your Tunnel Boring Machines (TBMs), and secure your tunnelling plans with effective planning, monitoring and maintenance solutions.

Map the unique alignment, position and route of all new tunnels or re-engineer existing plans ahead of time, through GPR surveying and create 3D visualizations and models to identify and resolve clashes.

Use 3D laser scanning to recreate as-built plans, ensure shaft alignment across the project, and use smart ground data to guide TBMs to bridge the gap between design and construction. Develop and implement a monitoring system for daily equipment and asset inspection.

Accurate Insights On Asset Inventory

Create accurate asset inventories across utilities like gas, pipelines, and underground networks. Asset and infrastructure inventory planning and analysis is particularly critical for electric utilities like poles, cables, transformers, substations and other tangible assets.

With a suite of GIS enabled processes, you can analyze your current inventory, usage patterns, consumption, roadblocks and avoid risks and issues ahead of time, especially power outages.

Our data analysis solutions help create predictive models that can be handy for overall maintenance and utility management, making repairs and renovation seamless and simple.

Centralized Geospatial Data Collation

Build processes that enable seamless geospatial data capture and analysis with an organized and centralized architecture that collates data from multiple stakeholders, including field workers, project managers, engineers, clients, architects and other key decision makers.

Prepare your baseline data through remote sensing, drone and LiDAR enabled surveying, GIS mapping, and metering all the relevant assets and equipment. Create data rich maps of your entire utility network and index the demographics based on unique parameters.

Integrate high quality data from field workers within a seamless framework, and identify high tension and low tension lines, grids, transformers and feeders, and manage distribution data across geographies in one central system.

Hydrographic Surveying & Analysis

Integrate geospatial data from water and wastewater utilities into a central repository for advanced analysis and flow management.

Understand water and wastewater flow in residential, commercial and forested areas through effective surveying, and track hydrants, water meters and valves to create, layer and study an intricate map of urban water supply systems.

Unlock deep insights through our GIS and drone driven water management solutions to examine water consumption, flow meter installation and efficiency, water flow connectivity via GIS, and hydraulic modelling.

Use bathymetric and hydrographic surveying and analysis to understand the depth of water in lakes, dams, rivers, ports and harbours, and adjust your operational data with ground information gathered in real time. Run bathymetric surveys of seabeds, drive accurate volume calculations and run geotechnical analysis that makes dredging simpler and reduces the environmental impact.

How It Helps

Tech Driven Cost Reduction

Improve efficiency across your workflow through effective utility mapping and reduce costs through complete digitization, preventative maintenance and centralized database access.

Simplified Asset Management

Get instant access to maintenance and inspection data, and monitor and map assets with a combination of aerial surveying and GIS technology to know your resource pool.

Effective Planning & Decision Making

Our 3D visualization services, combined with the deep intelligence in our processes, can help government agencies plan and visually study utilities to identify problems in the drawing board.

Real Time Data Access

Collate data from multiple devices, sources and sensors in real time based on the utility plan to stay ahead of the curve. Simplify data forecasting, processing, and collective intelligence.

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