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Use Immersive Data Visualizations To Cut The Clutter

Understand urban and natural environments
better through state-of-the-art Geographic
Information System (GIS) enabled solutions,
that help collate, manage and analyze complex data.

Spatial Analytics and Data Science

Get deep insights into spatial data through highly functional
algorithms and analytical models and find patterns,
explore clusters, and make intelligent predictions driven by data
through expert spatial analysis. Apply custom machine learning models and data mining to explore and understand variable data
clusters, and use heat mapping for simpler visualizations.

Study historical trends and track socioeconomic and
environmental impacts to make better predictions, uncover hidden patterns and drive efficiency through mindful resource allocation.

3D Visualization and Analytics

Immerse, engage and educate through interactive 3D visualizations that make data analysis more visual and communicate critical points seamlessly. Create highly interactive maps that display data distribution across multiple variables, outline region specific information, introduce color coding for a strong visual hierarchy, and integrate relevant information through clickable and intuitive elements.

Upload data from multiple channels and sources, across formats and geospatial file types, for a centralized document that captures the necessary information. Use dynamic design and patterns to better communicate time-sensitive changes and create an impact with your inferences.

Imagery and Remote Sensing

Unlock the power of remote sensing to better understand your immediate environment, and use key insights and geographic intelligence to power business decisions. Gather drone, satellite and aerial imagery centrally to study specific sections of land, and use change detection to map variations over time.

Generate topographic maps, terrain models, digital elevation models, orthomosaics, and 2D/3D visualizations from sensor data for simpler analysis. Identify segments and patterns, and drive decision making through deep machine learning, while accessing your data across platforms and devices.

Custom Crafted GIS Applications

Design, develop and deploy highly customized applications that bring your GIS data to life and help with informed decision making and easier coordination between multiple stakeholders. Our state-of-the-art and spatially intelligent applications work seamlessly across multiple platforms, browsers and devices, simplifying access and streamlining the user experience.

Capture photos and videos of locations and sites on the go with your handheld devices, and add geotags and update your enterprise information. Get deeper insights and solve problems with the data and maps available centrally on the app, and create interactive maps that your clients and customers would love using. The possibilities are limitless.


How It Works

Improve your internal geospatial data collection, processing, and analytics processes through our end-to-end solutions that are primed for accuracy and data-driven decision making.


Fieldwork and Data

Based on your specific requirement, fieldwork will be carried out for spatial, topographic and demographic data to be collected through our industry standard hardware and processes.


Consulting and Data

Our industry and technology experts will create a GIS roadmap based on the requirement analysis, and assess GIS readiness, while also engaging in platform evaluation.


Custom Application

Once the platform has been finalized, the necessary functionalities will be defined and documented before application development and systems integration is kicked off.


Database Design and

With the right processes and platform in place, we will explore enterprise spatial database design, simple data migration processes and data conversion recommendations.

Industries We Cover

Here are some industry applications of our
GIS solutions.

Architecture, Engineering & Construction

Improve the efficiency of your AEC workflow, use accurate maps to analyze and plan your infrastructure, and understand the topography of your rural and urban environments better with geographic data. Our streamlined AEC solutions can help you create an asset inventory, draft and develop highly precise site plans, integrate geographic intelligence into your workflow and coordinate in a smoother process with key stakeholders.

Electricity, Gas & Water New

Streamline data collection, analysis, and coordination through GIS and remote sensing technology across electricity and gas utility planning. Remove all dependencies on paper-driven processes, centralize geographic and location-specific data to improve operational efficiency, monitor supply lines, assess network vulnerability and identify critical issues ahead of time. Improve your response time through data for more efficient disaster management procedures.

Transportation Services

Manage field assets and infrastructure in the most efficient manner possible, understand transportation data, and optimize road and highway planning in a phased and structured manner through consistent and deep analysis of GIS data. Optimize public transport routing, manage traffic in ports and strategic locations, streamline air traffic management, and effectively leverage geographic intelligence for better performance, reduced overheads and better coordination.

Agriculture & Farming

Precision agriculture is now a reality, with integrated GIS and remote sensing. Use agricultural mapping to monitor and manage large tracts of farmland, understand soil composition better and manage land resources accordingly. Estimate crop yields with accuracy, create irrigation maps and elevation models to identify gaps or overflows in drainage, asses crop and soil health, and develop long term sustainable and seasonal models based on agricultural data.

Manufacturing & Industry

Understand your clients, partners, end customers, and overall market better through critical geospatial data that helps you identify patterns, evaluate business performance geographically and find where your competitors are making inroads, for added business intelligence. Use GIS data to optimize your sales territories, drive fleet management, optimize marketing, and make data driven manufacturing decisions for greater efficiency and effective resource utilization.

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