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Machine learning magic to transform your business

Enterprise machine learning
solutions that reduce overheads, automate
processes, and unlock the power of data to transform
your products.

Why Machine Learning Matters

Machine learning and deep learning can help you leverage the power of complex computing to conceptualize and run predictive and self-learning models that study data for multiple applications.

Effective machine/deep learning can make your products or devices smarter, increase their processing, analytical and predictive power, and infuse efficiency into all operations.

Add a layer of intelligence to your long-term processes

Build and deploy machine learning models to automate your processes
for greater efficiency through simplified ML solutions driven by our domain experts.

Personalization is power in a competitive product landscape

Personalize every single customer’s experience, leverage data for deeper insights
and stronger decisions, and drive sales while keeping costs in check.

What We Do


Algorithm Design

Innovative solutions for industry bottlenecks through specifically designed algorithms.


ML/DL Modelling

Apply pre-packaged or custom ML/DL models to achieve your business objectives.


Natural Language Processing

Absorb and study data from phygital sources for faster processing and analysis.


Predictive Analytics

Organize and analyze complex data from multiple touchpoints to drive business decisions.


Computer Vision

Identify objects from complex visual imagery for easier classification and bucketing.

Intelligent solutions in action across every critical domain


Combat real-time financial fraud and detect unusual user behavior as it happens by studying multiple data points. Generate data-driven investment advice without fund managers and study market patterns for safer returns. Identify and reward key account holders to drive loyalty and improve customer relationships.


Develop predictive models for highly accurate and personalized product recommendations on your website and marketing channels. Study sales patterns through purchase data and clickstream data, split by demographics. Use deep learning to optimize your supply chain, and adjust pricing based on seasonality and elasticity.


Improve underwriting and automate your claims processes significantly through targeted ML and DL modules for a higher quality of service and added time savings. Create accurate rating algorithms and form customer clusters through behavioral analysis. Drive customer retention through personalized product bundles and experience improved risk management.


Use ML & AI to better predict patient outcomes and drive personalized precision medicine for every patient. Monitor patient vitals to foresee critical conditions ahead of time, improve efficiency in ICU transfers, identify fraudulent insurance claims, make your OPD workflow more efficient, and use risk prediction to anticipate readmissions.


Identify inefficiencies in your manufacturing processes by studying intricate data on materials, processes and design specifics. Optimize your inventory, reduce overhead costs, improve product quality, and tighten your supply chain to anticipate and avoid delays in production. Use AI for predictive maintenance across all your infrastructure and improve profitability.


Improve lead quality through intelligent scoring methodologies and sales factors, increasing the efficiency of your sales funnel and optimizing marketing costs. Study deep behavioral patterns and customer preferences across geography, income range, browsing and purchase behavior and lifestyle data to create microsegments, personalize messaging, and drive conversion.


Avoid network congestion, detect fraud, improve backend support for better customer relationships and higher retention. Use data and predictive support as an advantage in a highly competitive landscape, study user behavior and purchase data to create successful packages and bundles, and improve fleet management for better maintenance and logistics.

Ready to get started? Here’s how we work.

We believe in simplifying machine and deep learning through targeted models that solve industry-specific problems. Our data scientists and consultants can help you create custom ML/DL models for effective differentiation, from groundwork to deployment.

Project Scope & Debriefing

Our lean and agile team will deep dive into your business needs to outline process optimization strategies, using our cross-industry expertise and insights from business intelligence experts.

Data Acquisition & Analysis

Structured and unstructured data from every aspect of your business will be gathered to feed and train our machine learning models for efficient pattern analysis and review.

Custom Model Development

Based on our observations and research, we will gradually build powerful machine learning and deep learning models that churn and identify trends in crucial data over time.

Product Development & Documentation

In this stage, usability kicks in. Our team will create an intuitive front-end that simplifies the process of accessing the multiple features of ML/DL models through an API.

Tried. Tested. Trusted.

Here’s why our solutions work.

Simplified Intelligence

Effective Automation

Built to Scale

Easy to Integrate

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