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Supercharge your surveying workflow with laser focussed precision

Leverage the power of point cloud technology
to survey sites and environments in just hours, with
impeccable precision and high levels of accuracy.

Design and Engineering Services

Generate 3D point cloud models with incredible structural detail through laser enabled data capture, and create highly lifelike and realistic designs. Mirror existing construction sites, commercial and residential structures, and other places of interest with accurate detailing.

Integrate plan views, elevations, profiles from multiple perspectives, facade plans and points of disjunction into dense 3D point cloud models to visualize and recreate designs and plans. Use point cloud data modelling to make manufacturing more efficient. Design new products and reverse engineer existing products without manuals or documentation, purely through structural analysis.

  • Architectural Restoration
  • Historical Archival
  • New Product Development
  • Reverse Engineering
  • Hardware Fabrication
  • Construction Inspection

Building Information Modeling

Align architecture and structural design with advanced engineering and construction practices, and innovative MEP analysis, through our Building Information Modeling and other related services. Convert 2D CAD plans to 3D BIM models, create as-built drawings, make architectural coordination models and visualize designs through data to reduce resource wastage and drive overall efficiency.

Oversee structural design that meets international and local regulations and create efficient cost estimates for engineering, fabrication and construction. Plan the mechanical, electrical, plumbing and HVAC systems in your site, identify clashes at the design stage, and centralize and simplify coordination and documentation for all project stakeholders.

  • Architectural & Structural BIM
  • ASMEP Analysis & Planning
  • CAD to BIM Conversion
  • Schematic Documentation
  • Construction & As-Built Documentation
  • BIM Software Training

Virtual Reality & 3D Visualization

Build breathtaking and immersive 3D visualizations and virtual environments, adding dimensions to data, and use 3D models created in Unity to understand trends and patterns in a civic, construction or manufacturing design.

Give life to your designs and immerse your clients in feature rich virtual interiors and exteriors, adding realistic lighting, shadows and textures in an interactive environment that can be customized at will to showcase iterations and options. Diagnose clashes in the structure before work begins on the floor, and use walkthroughs to bridge the gap between multiple stakeholders.

Drive sustainable urban development through interactive 3D datasets, highly intricate 3D visualizations and city models, mobility and location management, smart navigation solutions, and technology driven urban mapping and planning.

  • Mobile & Web VR & AR Solutions
  • Building Information Visualization
  • Immersive 3D Walkthroughs
  • Photorealistic 3D Rendering
  • Stereoscopic VR Production

How It Works

Acquire, assess and analyze point cloud data and models in a streamlined and efficient workflow, and create engaging visualizations from 2D plans - all in a day’s work. Here’s how.


Project Brief and
Requirement MappingStart

Based on your exact requirement, a project brief will be created to outline the scope of the modeling work, inputs required, estimated timeline and final deliverables.


Accelerated Data

Point cloud and BIM data will be acquired through 3D laser scanning (based on a set scan resolution) or through detailed 2D CAD, floor and MEP plans or product blueprints.


Asset Development

Assets for the finalized design plan will then be created with the recommended lighting, texture, colors and geometry, and organized in an asset library that will be centrally documented.


3D Visualization
and Modeling

Depending on the exact requirement and specifications, 3D BIM or VR or point cloud models will be generated from the available data to create a realistic representation of the project.


3D Rendering
and Final DeliveryEnd

Once the models have been analyzed, edited and approved, the final 3D models will be rendered and exported in a compatible format, and shared digitally on a suggested platform.

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Industries We Cover

Here are some industry applications of
our point cloud, BIM and 3D modeling solutions.

Roads & Highways

Develop highly efficient and interconnected road networks by visualizing the site’s topographic data and solve problems related to congestion, inadequate capacity and infrastructure development along the roadways by studying real world data. Implement effective safety fallbacks and optimize routing, with planned detours for potential road closures for easier administration, management and maintenance.

Architecture, Construction & Engineering New

Plan highly efficient HVAC, electrical, plumbing, and mechanical systems for your AEC projects, avoid clashes in the structural design by identifying problems ahead of time, and keep the project timelines in check without overshooting your projected budget or resource allocations. Immerse clients and stakeholders in a highly detailed 3D visualization and educate construction teams on the exact project specifications in a virtual training environment.

Rural & Urban Planning

Use point cloud and 3D visualizations generated from real world data to understand demographic and development trends, for community improvement, emergency response planning and situational awareness. Plan and design lifelike models of city infrastructure to study the structural and ecological implications, and simplify public transport connectivity and land management processes. Drive policy decisions with real world context and information, in a collaborative and immersive approach.

Industry & Manufacturing

Innovate and develop prototypes for new product ideas before manufacturing to enable efficient design and development through point cloud and 3D modeling. Reverse engineer legacy hardware and tools that don’t have existing documentation through a comprehensive structural analysis, and re-engineer solutions that fit your needs through simple redesign and testing. Create wireframe models and experiment with surface texturing to get every small detail right before the product hits the shop floor.

Forestry & Farming

Explore sustainable forest and agricultural land management and vegetation management through simplified point cloud and 3D modeling. Use DEM/DTM models and 3D models to understand vegetation density and height, and plan vegetation maps accordingly for multiple use cases. Assess the location of high yield and high density blocks, and understand the ecological impact of everyday land management decisions through direct visualization and plan development projects with real-time data.

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