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Survey Solutions Experience New Perspectives. Every Single Time.

Designed to cover all your terrestrial, utility and
hydrographic surveying needs, our geospatial data
solutions make data analysis, mapping and modeling
accessible for simplified decision making.

Cadastral and Land Planning Survey

Land planning is a critical exercise that needs added accuracy
in determining the Right of Way (ROW), especially for upgrading the infrastructure, constructing new roads and widening existing roads. We leverage the latest in technology

Use 3D mobile LiDAR technology to accurately assess the width
of the road or land, make efficient predictions and estimates for utility planning and shifting, and make land acquisition efficient through pinpoint data accuracy.

  • Land Use Land Cover Mapping
  • Parcel Mapping
  • Surveying & Data Collection
  • Line Work and Data Conversion
  • Planimetric Mapping
  • Forest Cover Mapping
  • Land Revenue Records Managment

3D Mapping For Smart Cities

Improve urban planning and development through an integrated
solution that strongly focuses on efficient utility management, stronger city planning, and data driven retrofitting and mobility management, in line with the Smart Cities program of the Government of India.

Drive sustainable urban development through interactive 3D datasets,
highly intricate 3D visualizations and city models, mobility and location management, smart navigation solutions, and technology driven urban mapping and planning.

  • Environment & Disaster Management Mapping
  • Town Planning
  • Solar Radiation Distribution Mapping
  • Master planning applications for city and town planners
  • Disaster Management applications for simulating impact of fire, flood, bomb explosions
  • Navigational applications for intelligent transportation management system
  • Waste Management
  • Utility design applications for designing of sewerage channels, railway line, highway routes, power transmission line corridor
  • Archaeological applications for preservation and upkeep of Historical buildings and cultural heritages
  • Property management applications and dispute settlement
  • Decision support system applications for deriving analytics and implementation models
  • Public Health

Flyovers and Railway Overbridge Survey

Efficient planning and construction of flyovers and railway overbridges
can help combat urban congestion, reduce traffic clashes between rail and road networks, replace outdated level crossings, and create
efficient rail transportation through simpler redirection.

Generate highly detailed topographic surveys for proposed flyover
sites and use cutting edge 3D mobile LiDAR mapping to run detailed analyses, collate 3D point cloud data and capture aerial photographs of the site.

  • Corridor Mapping
  • Vegetation Encroachment
  • Railway Track Geometry Management
  • Maintenance and asset management.
  • Road Network Analysis
  • Telephone Network Analysis.
  • Tunnel Surveys

Topographic Surveys

Collect, analyze and use point cloud, polygon, and other
vector and line data to create highly detailed topographic and planimetric maps of any surface, using best-in-class industry software. Use LiDAR, DGPS and
UAVs to create detailed 2D maps that capture 3D data of both rural and urban landscapes.

Study and analyze natural elevations, artificial structures
and topographic changes over a given timeline, and use UAVs to access and monitor previously inaccessible and inhospitable terrain with increased efficiency and innovation.

  • Earth Works Volume Calculation
  • Cut & Fill Analysis
  • Catchment Modelling analysis
  • River Restoration
  • Route Optimisation

How It Works

We help enterprises and civic departments unlock the power of UAV and tech driven surveying, mapping and other value added solutions to analyze, optimize and streamline their operations.


Flight Path and

A first level breakdown of client constraints and requirements will be carried out for documentation and planning. The UAV flight path will be defined based on the working area.


Drone Data

Based on the requirement, UAVs will be equipped and mounted with the necessary tools and cameras to gather relevant data through end-to-end topographic and asset surveying.


Image and Data

All the relevant data and imagery from the UAVs will be processed and analytics, reports, content and recommendations will be generated based on the problem being addressed.


Sensor Calibration
and Telemetry

All sensors mounted on the UAVs will be calibrated for added accuracy, to synchronize real world data with sensor data. Data from the GPS, accelerometer and gyroscope is recorded.


Final Analysis
and DeliveryEnd

Our experts will run clients through their observations and recommendations, and share elevation and terrain models, maps, asset data, field data, and other final deliverables.

Industries We Cover

Here are some industry applications of our
surveying and mapping solutions.

Roads & Highways

The demand for rapid road construction calls for simpler land acquisition, utility shifting, equipment mobilization and inter-departmental coordination. Effective feasibility studies through UAV and surveying technology can help the construction crew, engineers and city planners coordinate better, and analyze centrally available data for streamlined planning.

Commercial & Freight Railways New

Railway infrastructure is highly critical and needs constant monitoring and reengineering. Drone enabled technology like orthophotography and thermal inspections can help with both the construction of railway lines over varying landscapes and topography, and long term inspection of freight and commercial lines, reducing the cost of maintenance and improving efficiency.

Rural & Urban Planning

As cities continue to expand and urban agglomeration increases, the need for sustainable infrastructure and utility design becomes critical. Surveying, mapping and drone technology can help gather data for feasibility studies, enable error-proof infrastructure planning and execution, monitor land use for simpler acquisition and make resource utilization and civic planning transparent.

Telecommunication & Power

Powerlines and telecommunication towers placed in dense urban and rural areas need constant maintenance and upkeep for seamless power supply and communication channels, and UAVs can help any team routinely inspect and monitor their condition. Using geospatial data, terrain data, and live video feeds, drones and their solutions make maintenance simple and cost effective.

Oil, Gas & Water

Oil, gas and water pipelines are highly critical economic lifelines that need to be constantly monitored for inefficiency, leaks and damages. UAV technology makes it easier to understand and assess any damage through constant remote inspection, and can also help detect encroachments and potential ecological hazards ahead of time, minimizing the operational risk.

Agriculture & Farming

Drone technology is revolutionizing agriculture around the world and allows hands-on crop monitoring that helps identify issues seasonally. Effective soil and elevation assessment through drones can help farmers get the most out of their produce and plan drains and ditches better. Drones also help assess yearly fertility and reduce wastage by optimizing the need for fertilizers.

Mining & Quarrying

Mining drones are highly effective in inventory tracking and help businesses calculate and understand their stockpile volumes efficiently. Site surveyings becomes simpler through drone technology, and digital site copies can be generated to track the layout over time. Drones can be used for road planning, blast planning, traffic management, and water management in the quarry.

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